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Basic Pricing Structure


Basic Labor Cost: $25/per Hour + Cost of supplies upfront for basic items (determined by me based on the information/resources provided on the item by the customer)

Minimum Cost for Large Scale Projects: $150 + Cost of supplies upfront and completed payment prior to any parts being shipped or handed off to you.

Class Costs

Distance Education: (Via Skype or other social app) $30 per class/ 3 hour class

On Location Classes: $75 per class (3-4hr class) + Travel fees

Education: Classes

I.  Classes are on a case by case basis based on the customer need.

  A.) Class Basics

     1. Student will need to provide information on goals (what they expect from the class or project) and also discuss their idea of what they wish to accomplish by the end of class.

     2. We will break down it into manageable amounts of work for learning and comprehension. 

     3.Multiple classes may be required for a project that does not follow the course syllabi for the first basic classes (Machine Orientation, Sewing Woven fabrics, Sewing Knit fabrics, Drafting a basic pattern)

II. Pricing

    A.) Distance classes (This is a class via Skype or other long distance communication)

         1. $30 per class. Classes last 2-3 hours depending on student need.

    B.) Local Class (This is a class held at the student's home or other arranged location to make it easier for the student to complete homework given between classes.) 

          1. $75 plus travel expenses/ PER CLASS. Classes can last from 3-4 hours depending on student need. ( I do not teach outside of a 50 mile radius of my studio)

**Please inquire if you have further Questions**

          2. The classes are completed in the students home so that we can assess together how to make the environment easier to function in as a crafter/sewing student so that extraneous work can be completed between classes. This can be either a temporary setup on a dining table or assessing the space for a permanent craftroom setup.

III. Scheduling

   A.) Classes will be scheduled on a case by case basis with the student due to fluctuating schedules.

       1. Cancellations

           a. If for any reason a student needs to cancel a class they must let me know a full 48 hours ahead of time. 

           b. If a student cancels multiple times under the 48 hour mark there will be communication and possible limit of scheduling classes in the future.

           c. If I must cancel class for some reason (Chronic illness, weather, or other personal needs) I will alert the student as soon as possible so that rescheduling can be completed.

IV. Refunds/Credits

    A.) There are no refunds for any reason on classes unless there is an issue beyond a certain circumstance. If there is an issue please contact us for further communications.


Commissions: Cosplay/Custom Garments

I.Reference Policies and Quotes

You must provide me with a minimum of 3 reference images of the costume, prop, or wig you want before I will give you a quote. These must include a Side, a Front, and Back view if at all possible. If a Side, Front, or Back view is not available I will do my best to represent the character with the information I have. I will base my quote on the images provided and will produce the costume based on the reference. If you provide me with inaccurate(Not the costume you wanted or not holding all the details you require) or indistinct(small or hard to see/decipher parts or pieces of the costume) images, you will not get an accurate costume. You must allow 1 week for the quote to be completed as I look for the best deals on supplies for you in terms of quality, budget, and availability.

    A.) Quote Details

When I have received your reference images, commission required measurements, and any specifications, as well as any excess items such as (wigs, shoes/footwear, or props) I will search for supplies. This will be the estimated cost.  I will also estimate labor costs at $25.00 PER HOUR. (This actual cost may change depending on the actual time required to complete a commission)

IMPORTANT NOTE:(This cost cannot be confirmed until I have bought all the needed supplies. I am only able to calculate tax on supplies by listed prices during my initial search. Which may or may not include...fluctuation in prices, coupons, or sale items.)

                 1a.)Costumes quotes Include

When receiving your quote on a commission from me, it will also include an invoice that specifies each piece of the costume that I understand is expected. When you are reviewing this list, please take time to carefully go over everything on the list. This ensures you of what you are purchasing and helps me to determine what is expected to be made and what is being purchased.

                 1b.)Costumes quotes DO NOT INCLUDE

Costume quotes do not include props unless they are specifically requested.
Costume quotes do not include footwear or shoes unless requested. You will be asked to provide me with reference images, unless previously provided for the costume, as well as the base shoe for bootcovers/modded shoes, because sizes vary so greatly I can’t guarantee a fit unless you’ve physically tried them on first. Shipping of these to me for initial work and from me after modification will be covered by the buyer.                                                                                                                                         

Costume quotes do not include wigs. Wigs can be provided upon request. I am able to style a wig for you but the cost of the supplies including but not limited to... the base wig, the shipping of the wig from the merchant to myself and the shipping of the finished product from me to the buyer, extensions, wefts, Foam, support devices, and Styling agents such as gel, glue, caulk etc...Also if there are any specifications for the wig I will need more information prior to accepting the wig commission, even if the costume commission is already in progress.

    B.) Quote for shipping-(Tentative to Buyer's Location)

the Price is determined based on USPS standard shipping prices unless the customer requests otherwise. For international or out of the Mainland shipping there may be Custom fees or other Shipping fees to be paid for by the customer before ANYTHING is shipped out. Shipping fees may increase or be exponentially more expensive if the customer requests express or overnight shipping or expedited international shipping                                                                                                                                                                 Other Items such as wigs, props, and detailed pieces as well as more complex costumes or costumes with many delicate pieces will be determined on a case by case basis. (This does not include shipping insurance unless requested for previously by the buyer.)  I cannot be held responsible for any damage during shipping or loss of items during shipping. I will do my best to package the costume with the expectation that it will arrive to you unscathed but I personally have had issues with many of the package distributors and cannot personally guarantee their service standards..I do my best to make sure you're lovely package gets to you from my end.

I.) If something occurs within the shipping process. I cannot reimburse, return, refund, or otherwise be held accountable. You MUST CONTACT THE SHIPPING COMPANY....However, I am able to fix or repair most issues with the costumes but there will be a fee associated with and not limited to (shipping to me, shipping back to you, changes in shipping due to multiple factors but not limited to changes in weight, changes in order, modifications to order, changes to shipping requests or requirements via the postage system or mailing system/company chosen) 

II.) If the case of damage has been determined to be user/customer error...There will be an added fee for repairs or education/information on how to use the costume appropriately so that this instance does not happen again.

II.)Timeline Policies

An exact deadline must be decided before the commission will be accepted. This deadline is nonnegotiable once locked in unless it is due to circumstances discussed between the buyer and myself. Allow 3 months at least, Costumes take time. Costume commissions with 1 month or less before the deadline will have a $15 PER HOUR FEE ADDED to initial labor costs as well as ADDED SHIPPING COSTS to make sure your costume gets to you in time.


In special cases, such as rush orders..Full Payment is required prior to starting/finishing work. Including but not limited to...Supplies, Shipping, and Labor. As well as rush fees. This may incur price increases with certain items as there is little to no time allotted to order items from less expensive suppliers and also blocks my availability from other customers during those times. Ergo I will be paid for this to make sure that I can send the item out in a timely manner and can do so without stress of being left unpaid.

III.) Materials and Supply Policies

You must specify materials if you have specific ones in mind or if you have an allergy to certain materials. This includes but is not limited to allergies to metals, fibers or fabrics, paints, plasters, and art materials... as well as other items of note. I can not be held responsible if you are not happy with the materials or have an allergic reaction to a material on your costume if the information is not provided beforehand. If you do not specify any material preferences or allergies to materials, I will make the costume out of the most accurate, quality, least expensive materials I am able to locate.

     A.)Policies regarding personalized changes

If you have specific requests for a costume decide on them before requesting a quote.I will oblige to any changes you would like to have done to the initial design of the costume...IE. Longer skirt, matching accessory, different style of shirt, or personalized accessory. If personalized changes are requested to a costume after the commission is initiated there will be a $15 fee in addition to the cost for the labor required to implement these changes and any supply costs incurred for any needed materials to complete the changes.

IV.) Measurement Policies

Double and Triple check to make sure the measurements you send are accurate. This includes your bust, chest, hip, and waist size as well as others specified on the form that has been sent to you. Use a friend to help you take these measurements and compare. There are resources available on the site under the tutorials page to help you take the best measurements possible. As well as links to other websites and videos that can assist in the measurement process. Accurate measurements are vital for me to estimate material fees and make sure your costume will fit. I WILL NOT give a refund on a costume that does not fit due to inaccurate measurements on your account.

Accepting a Commission and Contract Policies (If completing paperwork Via Physical Mail "Snail-mail" option)

After reviewing a quote, if you agree on the invoice of expected items to be made and the pricing (supplies, estimated man hours, and shipping, etc.) I will send two signed paper copies of these policies to your physical address. You will sign both copies and return one to my physical address along with the first half of the total due. This will be our contract. You will be sent progress pictures halfway through the construction process. This is your opportunity to request changes to the construction, as I will not make any changes to the completed costume without an additional fee. You will also receive pictures of the final product before the rest of the payment is requested. You may also request progress pictures at your choice of two other points in the construction process.
I will keep logs of all material purchased and receipt information as well as hours spent on the construction in case my estimate varies greatly from the final result. I will also keep logs of all correspondence with you. It is expected that you will also keep logs of your correspondence with me.

Not Accepting a Commission and/or pending or incomplete commissions

My policy against taking a commission is as follows, if you have failed to pay on any part of one commission prior to manufacturing or after completion, I will no longer take commissions from you unless proof of ability for payment can be provided. 

if you have already agreed to a contractual obligation with me for a commission, that commission will remain out of the construction process until payment occurs.

If payment is not received in a timely manner after services have been rendered, after 30 days costume will go up for sale unless otherwise arranged between the buyer and management.

Policies on Payment

Accepted Forms of Payment -

I accept Paypal or personal check.

Check Details: Bounced Checks and Check Clearing                                                     

If you choose to pay by check, be aware that I will charge a $125 fee for a bounced check, I will wait 7 days to make sure a personal check has cleared before starting construction or shipping a completed commission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (I cannot be held responsible for any checks that are lost in the mail, and/or not sent in a timely manner if it overlaps the expected date of commission completion. Payment is your responsibility and I cannot send you the product without payment for my services, the supplies and shipping.)

Payment Requirements from the buyer

1.)The first half of the total estimate for labor and Total cost for supplies are due prior to beginning a commission.        

2.)The total remainder is due before I ship the item.                                                            

Return Policy

Refunds will NOT be issued for any reason except extreme errors in construction on my part.
Refunds will NOT be issued if your measurements were inaccurate, if the reference images given were inaccurate, or if the items were damaged during shipping. You may request shipping insurance, to be covered by the postal carrier.
If the costume does not fit due to a construction error on my part, I will alter it at no extra charge.
If the costume does not fit due to inaccurate measurements on your part, I will alter it at a rate of $15 per hour and you will be responsible for shipping costs.

Policy regarding use and/or other

You ARE NOT to compete in a contest involving workmanship or construction in a costume commissioned from me....

 If you do compete in a Masquerade YOU MUST INFORM the judges informed that the costume was commissioned and the credit should be given to STRAWBERRYPAPERDOLL DESIGNS.

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