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March Meet the Maker 14 (Skipped 12-13)

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Dreams and Plans.

Growing up my dreams were to own and live above my own store/studio that was a Coffeeshop/courturier studio/textile shoppe. In this dream shop I would offer classes and social sewing or creating gatherings. It's been a little expanded to include 3-d printing/thermoplastics and resin or wig work too. Especially when dealing in fashion or costuming

I have accomplished what I think I can as far as I can with my resources at this moment without taking out loans or renting a huge space. I live above my studio in my small home and have sufficient supplies to make higher end coffee or snacks from scratch for my clients that visit me in house. I have a good selection of friends who appreciate my exorbitant amount of fabrics and sometimes even purchase when I put some selections up for sale..I would say my next dreams are to create a more professional branding, create a work art book in cooperation with friends, have a brand tea party (a big event in the fashion I focus on) and continue to expand what I can teach others. I just hope I can continue making my local community proud and continue to have your support on this journey.


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March Meet the Maker 11 (Skipped 9-10)

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I skipped the previous days (how it's made, and flatlay) because I feel better doing these through education rather than writing out exactly what to do without context.

If you would like to learn from me you can follow my Twitch creative channel

Onto Branding:

I have done a lot in the evolution of my brand and finally realized what I think is the best amalgamation for now. Strawberry Paper Doll is a name to me that incorporates my cosplay name and some inspirations from my favorite Japanese word (ichigo:strawberry) as well as my child hood(paper dolls/Beatrix Potter/ tea parties). I had an amazing graphic designer who worked with me to perfect a marketable branding illustration. She even made a chibi of me to be on my card so people remember who i am! I am so happy now and am proud to carry my brand to the stars.

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March Meet the Maker 5&6

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Photography and workspace

I have proper dark room training with photography (prefer 35mm) I have even built a pinhole camera!...I have a good basic handle on photoshop (heck I helped teach my college class on cad with it because I had a lackluster college professor who expected us to just follow a book)...but I always lack in remembering to get photos and videos to edit/document....I am getting better with my advancement into twitch and obtaining a few dslr cameras...hoping to get better about documentation in the a kid I hated pictures of myself...and to an extent still do unless I have cosplay or my fashion's all about becoming comfortable with who you are and screw the haters.

Workspace...currently/always in the works..currently my main space is a mess due to a fabric sale coming up! I do so many things from sewing to armor to millinery work so I never have a moment of calm or's organized for me enough to move from project to project. In the future I hope to clear out enough to have classes in studio..till then...wip!

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March Meet the Maker 3&4

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How'd you get started and what is your favorite thing to make?

......Well I loved sewing as a kid and decided at age 7 since I wasn't good at science or math a marine biologist was out of the question...This was also the time I was discovering anime and found the #howtodrawmanga costume encyclopedia...They had illustrations that didn't look like anything I had seen and it drove me to see that you could be creative with shapes on the body and anyone could wear something if it was tailored properly for their figure. This was also the time I discovered fruits and the glb and started getting into the culture and fashion of goth/alternative style. Though being a huge tomboy and not particularly "beautiful by societies standards at the time" I wore clothing too big or very boyish and didn't act on much of my favorite fashion styles personally until around 18....I had also found out (in my youth) Japan alternative styles were much more experimental and went against social norms and to me that exercise of finding your own beauty despite what others think of you was empowering. I ended up going to college for design and then worked in multiple factions of the industry for a little while before being laid off and finally deciding to take my designing to full time. It's not easy and at times I even feel like a failure but I just get back up and dust myself moving forward and learning with each project....Favorite thing I have made so far? Honestly it's hard to choose..the things I wear most right now are my kigu/pajamas...favorite project so far? That's a bit too hard...but if you my lovelies have a favorite costume or garment or project I have made post below!

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March Meet the Maker 1&2

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Who and where?

My name is Kat. Many of my longtime friends call me that or Ichigo or both and I run/own/design/educate under the umbrella of Strawberry Paper Doll...currently my cosplay page is IchigoGami if you wanna check that out. I make everything from theatrical costumes and armor to high fashion and alternative fashion garments. I have been sewing professionally for many years but really started learning when I was 3 or so from my mother and older sister. I currently reside in the Nova/DC/MD Area and regularly can be found teaching, hanging out at conventions, or with my local fashion communities having fun.

Let's do this!..#makermarch #march #creative #twitch #art #cosplay #sewing #weareallstudentsoflife

That Extra Oomph!: Armor, Accessory, Makeup, and Prosthetics Suppliers

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Please make sure that you won't have a reaction to the supplies you use for makeup or prosthetics in cosplay...There are many folks who cannot use Latex or certain makeup due to sensitive skin or other ailments...PLEASE PRACTICE SAFETY!

Before Working with Thermo Plastics, Plumbing piping(PVC) or any chemical glues, Please purchase a Respirator that fits you properly and USE IT!

Thermoplastics (Worbla / Wonderflex)

Armor and Prop Supples (Other)

Sculpture / Moldmaking / Casting

Makeup & Prosthetics

Fashion Make-up

Makeup Brush Sets and Applicators

Contact Lenses

I recommend only using reputable sellers who ask for your prescription..You can easilly get one by going into your local optometrist and having your eyes examined...

I honestly would recommend that more than any online seller currently.

Cosplay Resources: Wigs

Posted on October 8, 2015 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Reputable Websites for Wigs

As when buying anything from the internet...check the reviews if you're worried...make sure to overestimate when buying some supplies as colors can vary. If needed, purchase the swatch ring from your chosen supplier so that you have a better idea of the exact colorations before purchasing multiple wigs. (Note this is international so it takes a little for shipping)


Costume Resources: Supplies

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Websites for Fabrics

(Please Note: Before buying a large amount of fabric when you are unsure of the texture, color, weight, or other important characteristics please Order a Swatch! A swatch is a piece of fabric the vendor or manufacturer will send you, either for free or a small fee proportionate to the cost of the BTY price for the fabric....)

The following are websites I have used or know that are reputable companies from fellow cosplayers references to them online.

Sewing Patterns

McCall - 

McCall Cosplay -

Simplicity -

JoAnn’s -

Truly Victorian-

AmazonDryGoods- (not associated with amazon..has a very wide breadth of indie studio historical patterns and other goodies)

General Fabrics

https: //

https: //


Vinyls and Pleathers/Latex

Super hero suits or spandex   (Note this is moreso a wholesaler, when you make a purchase expect a followup call to confirm your order before they ship it)

Silks (Also great resource for dying fabric)


Quiliting/Printed cottons

https: //

Screenprinting/Fabric Printing

Notions everything you need to make a corset- boning, tools, lacing, etc.

GIant Zippers:

Jewels/jewelry supply great source for cabochons and other jewelry supplies inexpensive acrylic gems, etc excellent source for hot fix crystals and rhinestones - source for chainmaille and scalemaille supplies - source for chainmaille and scalemaille supplies

Sculpture / Moldmaking / Casting

Zentai / Catsuits / Unitards



Lights / Electronics

Art Supplies

Let me know if there are any other fabric stores that are reputable you would like to see included in the list.

How to fit yourself

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Fitting yourself can always be an issue when dealing with clothing, a costume or even just a T-shirt

Measuring yourself plays a key part in the process if getting things to look good and fit well on you.

My belief is that I strive for a character similarity but focus on fitting for my body so it looks accurate, but it may not be completely proportionate to the character because I personally am a bit bigger.


The faithful triad: My title for the 3 basic measurements you need to get the most basic fit

Female/ Male

Bust/ Chest: The widest area directly around the circumference of your chest usually focused around the area of the nipple and the corresponding area on your spine.

Waist: I use the belly button on a person to best mark where their "Natural" waist is. You would measure around from the belly button, to the corresponding area on your back

Hip: Approximately 7-9 inches from the side of your "Natural" Waist and usually includes the most voluminous area of the buttocks this will make sure that it fits properly around the areas of the body that may have the most curves or fit issues.

Another good measurement to have is the length from the "Nape of your neck" to you heel. This is basically a good length measurement over all to make sure that when you are hemming a garment it is proportionate to your body.


I have a more lengthly list of Measurements but that would only come when you work with me on comissions X3 sore wa himitsu desu! (Now that is a secret)

If you need more information just let me know